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About Comenius III

We are four technically oriented schools from 

Agde - France

Barcelona - Spain

Cracow - Poland

Darmstadt - Germany


These schools reside in towns with populations varying from 20,000 to well over 1.5 million inhabitants. The aim our Comenius-Project is to sensitize students’ (and teachers’) awareness for the importance of municipal services not only in their respective towns but also in a European perspective. The problems faced by one city will be compared and contrasted with those of another city – in another country. For the young European citizens involvement in the Project will not only broaden their understanding for the relevance of municipal services but will also improve the student’s basis for making choices for their future lives and careers.


The object of the project is to enhance :

- understanding of technological developments

- students’ (and teachers’) openness to learn

- our appreciation for a common European scientific, artistic and cultural heritage

- concrete language skills

- the understanding and use of modern tools of communication and presentation

- the diversity of methodological and didactical teaching approaches.

Finally, the Project involves more than 200 students that will be in regular contact and will meet in 3 international meetings involving all schools. These meetings will have a lasting effect on a very personal level


Have fun Smile

Please note that this site is used as a working platform and therefore will be under constant change.


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